Toronto Real Estate Report – April 2021

Real Estate Keeps Appreciating in a Virtual World

We certainly live in strange times! Despite the third wave of the pandemic, the demand for homes has never been greater! March saw 15,652 homes sold in the GTA at an average price of $1097,565. The market was active in all sectors with 45.5% of the homes being detached, 28% being condominium apartments and 18% semi-detached or townhomes. As the competition for homes increased due to limited supply, sales were spread out across the GTA as buyers had to choose price over ideal location to get into the market.

What we learned from the previous lockdowns, is despite them, life has to continue. There are new immigrants coming to the GTA, both international and from different parts of Canada. They need rentals as well as homes to buy. Sellers who sold their homes earlier, now have to buy. New construction homes are being completed and the purchasers who bought several years ago now have to move in.

That’s why real estate has been deemed an essential business. My company has invested heavily in technology to enable me to continue helping you, while at the same time following the provincial guidelines and keeping all of us, including our support staff safe.

Business for us in real estate continues as normal, but just a different normal!

Keep healthy and keep investing in yourself and your families futures.

TRREB Market Watch – mARCH 2021

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